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Businesses must be able to harness technology effectively to stay competitive and achieve their goals. We design custom technology solutions to enhance performance and increase impact.



Our K-12 technology solutions enable student achievement, student engagement and faculty effectiveness through technology integration and support.



Enable’s mission is to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.” Everything we do is geared toward enabling our clients’ service impact while maximizing the value of their technology investment.


changing lives by

serving those who serve

Father Ryan

Father Ryan High School is one of Nashville’s oldest and most venerable educational institutions. Founded in 1925, Father Ryan has educated many thousands of Catholic students who have gone on to serve their city and nation in significant ways. In 2013, Father Ryan launched an ambitious 2:1 technology plan. Central to this plan is that every student is permitted to use a laptop and a personal device such as a smartphone to access school technology infrastructure and resources. The result is that the teachers and students who utilize the technology are the big winners. Father Ryan has been very pleased with the many results of the flexible technology partnership between Enable, Leverage Corp. and Father Ryan: highly enhanced productivity for staff and students; greater reliability and performance of a network in which almost four times more devices can now connect and operate successfully; improved response times in the resolution of support issues; and finally, demonstrably enhanced value derived from the technology investments made by Father Ryan.


Multi-Site Program Manager

As the leader in multi-site program management, our rapidly growing client manages multi-site capital campaign programs for iconic and global brands in the fast food, convenience store, grocery, and hospitality industries. From surveys to architectural design and engineering to project management, this client can manage the entire construction management process for its customers. Their growing team of more than 225 work from company offices, client offices, home offices, and hotels across America using numerous cutting edge technologies. Since its formation in 2010, they have served the unique needs of its clients in thousands of expansion, branding, and construction update projects.



Technology solutions are helpful to an organization only as they help increase performance and maximize resource investment. We provide strategic and process consulting to enable you to implement the best technology, software and tools, at the right time, in the most effective way, to serve others well and to realize your objectives.

Managed Technology Services

In a rapidly changing world, technology can and should play a vital role in enabling organizations to reach, serve, educate and care for their constituents. We provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of technology services that includes strategic planning, project management, comprehensive infrastructure support and cloud solutions.

Project Implementation

Technology brings great opportunity to enable organizational performance when properly utilized. No matter how large or small your organization, or your project, we can help you think about, define, plan, manage and execute the technology project to meet your goals. With all projects our passion is seeing lives changed as we serve those who serve.

Cloud Services

Ubiquitous broadband connections and exciting developments in technology have made it possible for many computing services like file storage, email, enterprise management software, and data backup to now be accessed securely, efficiently and cheaply via the cloud. Our cloud solutions help enhance results while obtaining the greatest value possible for your technology investment.

Business Continuity

Sometimes floods, fires, tornadoes, computer viruses or human errors happen, and your data is lost or your facilities are destroyed. We help ensure that even if something like this does occur, your staff can remain connected and productive while your Enable engineers help you rebuild and recover. When you no longer need to be concerned about those “what if” scenarios, you will be able to spend more time focusing on your mission and business goals.

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