In an increasingly connected, “always on” world, information security is a critical concern. Information security encompasses a broad area, and has implications for individual devices, individual users and church networks.

At the individual computer or device level, it encompasses anti-virus and anti-malware, password protection, and data encryption. In educating individual people about security concerns, we discuss annual security training, preventing email phishing and other social engineering attacks, and protecting personal information. We focus on firewalls, vulnerability patch management, data integrity, least-access principles, and administrative controls related to systems access. Moving data or systems into the cloud presents a unique set of challenges for businesses as they desire to make information available ubiquitously while still protecting it from unauthorized access.

At each of these layers, there are devices, software, appliances, systems, or training that can and should be utilized to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and information. We stand ready to assist you with realizing all of technology’s potential while simultaneously protecting valuable and private data.