Project Implementation

Whether you are moving your email to the cloud, installing new firewalls, servers or switches, need a modern new phone system, initiating a cabling project, desire to provide wireless internet access across your campus or require a large multi-campus networking solution, we can help you.

No matter how large or small your organization, or your project, we can help you think about, define, plan, manage and execute the technology project to meet your ministry goals. Our project teams are made up of highly skilled and experienced project managers, field engineers and senior engineers. We build a project specific team for every project we undertake. Due to our wide-ranging project experience, we are comfortable working independently or working alongside and supporting your existing IT staff.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Whether you’re concerned about the age of your network equipment, need new switches, wonder whether your firewall is as secure as it needs to be, are thinking about how to provide wireless internet access to different constituencies, or how to connect multiple campus sites, Enable Technology Group can help. We employ highly skilled engineers with a broad range of experience who can handle projects of any size in churches from the very small to the very large. In some cases, your IT staff  just need a little help and we are happy to work alongside them. If you don’t have your own IT department and need a complete team, we’re equally adept at working independently for you. Whatever your need, Enable will assemble a project team designed to accomplish your specific goals, and to do so on time and on budget.

VoIP/Phone Services

If you are considering upgrading your older phone system, you will be pleased to know that there are many affordable voice over IP phone systems available that can use your existing network infrastructure while still providing all the new, state of the art features that help enable ministry. Enable Technology Group has experience helping churches of all sizes identify and install the voice over IP phone system that best suits their specific needs. Whatever your specific needs, Enable can assist you in identifying the most appropriate phone system.

Enable has established a partnership with Sangoma and we are able to provide, install and support the Switchvox family of VoIP products. We are always sensitive to our church partners’ stewardship obligations, and Sangoma’s cost to value relationship is exceptional. Sangoma’s products include many of the features you would have to pay extra for with other vendors, yet Sangoma’s products come at less cost than comparable phone systems from other vendors.

Sangoma Switchvox provides enterprise class features that are easy to use and are accessible from a Sangoma desk handset, smartphone app, or web interface. All the features of Switchvox are included in a standard license, so you are not “nickled and dimed” for using premium features.

Full Featured Handsets – Sangoma’s attractive and user friendly handsets feature:

  • HD-Voice –which makes callers sound clear and present.
  • Interactive Voicemail
  • Contacts
  • Rapid Dial

Teams Calling

Microsoft has created Teams Phone System within the Microsoft Teams app for organizations to communicate with each other and also to communicate with anyone in the world via traditional phone calls. It is configured for the user to interact like traditional phone calls, but in a highly flexible mobile app that works everywhere you have access to the internet.

Features of Microsoft Teams Phone System:

  • Call Tree functionality (Interactive Voice Response system)
  • Call Queues (ring several staff members at once, or in order)
  • Voicemail with voicemail transcripts
  • Available to use on any device that supports the Teams app (iOS/Android/macOS/Windows and more)

Microsoft has options to use Teams as both an internal and external phone system. We will partner with your organization and ensure you are utilizing these features at their fullest capacity. See our full article here where we break down features and pricing.

Digital Signage

Many of our church partners utilize digital signage to increase communication and enhance your business. The signage required can range from or a large colorful road side sign with a scrolling RSS feed, to a small kiosk display that rotates through a simple slide deck, or anything in between. Enable Technology Group has deep experience in helping our customers to identify, purchase and install the best digital display technology for their specific needs. Whether you need a large outdoor network-connected sign or a remotely manageable TV based display, we have products and partners to meet your needs and a team of Enable engineers who are very familiar with the pros and cons and usability of each solution. Whether you goal is to attract, guide or inform, we can help you select and install a digital signage solution that meets your unique goals and your unique environment.