Analytics and Decision Support

If your data could talk, what story would it tell? What decisions would you make differently if you were fully informed and understood the whole situation? How do your leaders spot the trends and opportunities that will help your organization not only grow in numbers and giving, but will also enable you to do business as ministry?

Enable Technology Group’s Analytics and Decision Support services go well beyond stock reports to unlock the stories of your data and help you make better decisions and serve your community better.

Our process brings together data from both internal and external sources including census and demographic data and other internal sources. Our team can help you interpret and understand the data and use it in strategic and tactical planning as well as day-to-day operations.

CIO and Strategic Planning Services

Do you have a master plan for technology? How well does it connect with your business’s overall vision and mission? Have you covered key areas of cybersecurity, business continuity, software licensing, staff structure and how the cloud and other emerging technologies fit into your mix? Does your network support other departments like media, facilities, building security, accounting, and communications? Do you have a plan that considers the unique needs of all departments and how the technologies in use will either complement or conflict with each other?

Whether you are one of our managed services clients or have your own internal staff, we can provide strategic direction to match your needs. Our custom CIO services leverage decades of experience serving churches, non-profits, and businesses from fast growing church plants to mature churches with hundreds of staff and thousands of members.

Most technology needs are met by an extended group comprised of internal and external staff, third party vendors, software solutions and other subscribed services. These components must be coordinated and must support the vision and mission of your organization. Our CIO and Strategic Planning services are designed to coordinate all the technology inputs and resources so that they effectively help you realize your specific goals. Foremost in our mind is assisting you to maximize the stewardship of your time, money and resources.

Our strategic services include:

  • Long range planning, master planning, budgeting
  • Coordination of third party vendors, contract negotiation
  • Security assessment and policy development
  • Oversight and direction of internal IT department staff
  • Analysis of processes to maximize operational efficiencies