Businesses must be able to harness technology effectively to stay competitive and achieve their goals. As you pursue imperatives around quality, performance, flexibility and security, we design custom technology solutions for you so that technology becomes a point of leverage and not frustration.

Enable has served many businesses in many different industries and of varying size. But one thing remains common with all our clients. If we are to help you harness technology to enhance performance and increase impact, we must deliver a comprehensive suite of services that is tailored to your mission and to your very specific needs, requirements, goals, and constraints. We simply do not believe in a cookie cutter, “one size fits all” approach that may serve the technology provider well at the expense of the client’s business.

Regardless of the size of your company, the industry in which you operate, or your specific organizational objectives, we will craft a customized solution for you that includes strategic input, project management expertise, and a full array of support options and cloud solutions from which to choose.


K-12 schools have unique challenges not shared by other businesses or non-profit organizations. Enable’s mission is to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.” In the school arena that means that we must have a view towards enabling student achievement, student engagement and faculty effectiveness through technology integration and support.

Classroom environments and learning models are evolving rapidly. As models change, teachers require new tools and technology solutions, but they also require knowledge and insight into how to integrate these tools effectively into their specific learning environment. With Internet access a key resource in many classrooms, teachers must also grapple with issues of content filtering, security, acceptable use policies and cyber-bullying, etc.

Clearly, the days of chalkboards and textbooks as the dominant classroom tools are numbered. Today, interactive SmartBoards, iPads, tablets, laptop carts and a multitude of different learning and information “apps” assume a prominent position in the classroom. Teaching and learning are being transformed with the onset of next-generation tools for one-to-one learning, online testing and bring-your-own device management.

We not only provide guidance and strategy regarding this new learning landscape, we also provide a unique blend of remote and onsite technology support services that proactively prevents technical failures while also giving us the ability to respond quickly to issues that arise during a teaching scenario. We also provide assistance with software and solutions that increase operational efficiencies in administrating a school, giving you the ability to easily access and execute documents such as student records, invoices, or applications. This saves both time and money.


Non-profit organizations pursuing service missions of great societal impact should have access to the same quality technology solutions, flexible support, technical excellence and superior client service enjoyed by the largest commercial organizations. Enable’s mission is to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve,” so everything we do is geared toward enabling our clients’ service impact while maximizing the value of their technology investment. Non-profit organizations are challenged to accomplish world changing goals, and usually, without an excess of resources to get that done.

Across the world, people face many difficult challenges related to issues such as poverty, hunger, no access to clean water, addictions of all kinds, orphaned status, homelessness, sex trafficking of children, mental illness, illiteracy, family instability, disease, etc. On top of that, there are challenges around global human rights, the environment, education and so many other areas. These are hard problems and they are difficult to solve. The good news is that many people in many different organizations work hard all day, every day to solve these problems.

We believe strongly that technology can be employed as a catalyst to aid in realizing great and positive change in the world. That is why we partner with and providing resources to those organizations who are directly involved in serving those plagued by these intractable physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We pursue our purpose by bringing our inspiration, gifts, action, creativity and passion to bear in supporting and enabling those organizations focused on serving others.

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