Father Ryan High School is one of Nashville’s oldest and most venerable educational institutions. Founded in 1925, Father Ryan has educated many thousands of Catholic students who have gone on to serve their city and nation in significant ways. In 2013, Father Ryan launched an ambitious 2:1 technology plan. Central to this plan is that every student is permitted to use a laptop and a personal device such as a smartphone to access school technology infrastructure and resources.

Implementation of the 2:1 plan meant a large influx of new devices in the network environment. Father Ryan knew that the presence of these new devices would tax network resources and would increase complexity. Norman Harber, Father Ryan’s Chief Technology Officer since 2012, provides strategic consulting to many prestigious independent schools through his firm, Leverage Corp. A board member who previously worked with Enable Ministry Partners at his church recommended that Norman consider Enable Technology Group to assess the capacity of the network environment to support the new plan. Previously, Father Ryan had postponed implementation of the 2:1 technology due to technical challenges. As the 2:1 plan was a key educational imperative for the school, Mr. Harber was challenged to implement the plan successfully.

He reached out to Enable and asked for a proposal to perform a thorough analysis of the network and server infrastructure. In early 2014, Enable delivered the summary of that analysis. Recent upgrades to the cabling and network switches on the campus provided state of the art equipment; however, configuration changes were needed to support the new technology program requirements. Additionally, because the WiFi and server infrastructure were aging and ill-suited for the new initiative, this equipment needed to be replaced. Enable provided a proposal to replace all the wireless equipment, install new virtual servers and implement business continuity services.

Enable now provides all the new WiFi equipment and server hardware under a cost-effective Hardware as A Service (“HaaS”) arrangement. Enable also provides ongoing management of the network infrastructure, including servers, network switches, antivirus and Windows patch management for the school. Father Ryan employees two internal service desk administrators to provide deskside support to students, faculty, and staff for all desktop and classroom technology needs. Shortly after beginning the network management agreement, Father Ryan asked Enable to provide a contract technology manager to provide onsite management to the two Father Ryan service desk administrators.

In this unique situation in which Enable supports the strategic vision of Father Ryan and its outsourced partner, Leverage Corp., the primary key to success has been that Father Ryan, Leverage and Enable share the value of always acting in the best interest of others. This cooperative partnership has thrived due to a creative relationship in which everyone brings their very best to the team. The result is that the teachers and students who utilize the technology are the big winners. Father Ryan has been very pleased with the many result of this flexible partnership: highly enhanced productivity for staff and students; greater reliability and performance of a network in which almost four times more devices can now connect and operate successfully; improved response times in the resolution of support issues; and finally, demonstrably enhanced value derived from the technology investments made by Father Ryan.

Multi-site Program Manager

As the leader in multi-site program management, our rapidly growing client manages multi-site capital campaign programs for iconic and global brands in the fast food, convenience store, grocery, and hospitality industries. From surveys to architectural design and engineering to project management, this client can manage the entire construction management process for its customers. Their growing team of more than 225 work from company offices, client offices, home offices, and hotels across America using numerous cutting edge technologies. Since its formation in 2010, they have served the unique needs of its clients in thousands of expansion, branding, and construction update projects.

In 2013, when 56 employees separated from a larger company, they reached out to Enable Technology Group to provide strategic technology services and management to support the new entity. The requirements were clear: the project needed to be completed quickly as the timeframe from finalizing the separation to new entity status was short.  With a rapidly growing staff and mounting requirements associated with several new client engagements, the solution also needed to be cost effective so as to maximize their cash position.

Enable created a plan to migrate all of the IT functions that had been handled by the parent company’s IT organization, including email, file services, and system management. The timeline was tight, but with some creative partnering, all 56 employees were able to continue working with minimal downtime. The Enable Technology Group team migrated all of their email and files to Office 365.  Enable also needed to be able to configure most systems remotely because only a small handful of the team actually worked at the company’s headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois or a small design office in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Since November 2013, they quadrupled in staff, added a new architecture and engineering office and developed leading edge technology-dependent processes that make up the competitive advantage that allows them to serve the most influential brands in the world.  Key to that success is the ability to expedite their service offering for new clients and projects. Enable has responded by creating custom deployment processes that allow us to deploy technology to new employees rapidly and remotely.

Enable’s team partners together in a rapidly changing and growing environment with members of the senior leadership team, including the organization’s president, vice presidents, IT director and other key staff.

Enable’s service desk team keeps the field staff going on a day-to-day basis, while Enable senior engineers and infrastructure architects plan with internal staff and software development partners to build the next generation of cloud enabled tools on Microsoft Azure.

This world-class team includes architects of some of the most recognizable stores and restaurants in the world. It’s reasonable to say that almost every American has experienced their work in just the past few days.